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Ivey Photography is a Dallas Mitzvah photographer.  We photograph bar and bat mitzvah services in Dallas and Fort Worth.  Our first B’Nei Mitzvah was in 2009.

Dallas Bat Mitzvah Photographer Ivey Photography

Award-Winning Mitzvah Photographer

Our award-winning photographer, Chris Smith, M.Photog. Cr. M. Artist., owns and operates Ivey Photography. Chris and his staff have photographed at all of the major event venues and synagogues in Dallas and Fort Worth.  He is one of the only photographers in Texas to hold three of the Professional Photographers of America’s awarded degrees.  Chris is a PPA Master Photographer (M.Photog.).  The degree is earned for excellence in image-making through awarded competition and exhibition, as well as service to the industry through continuing education.  Chris is also a PPA Master Artist (M.Artist).  Chris earned the Master Artist degree through years of imaging excellence exhibited through graphic art and image transformation in the Artist Category of the International Print Competition.  Lastly, Chris holds the degree of PPA Craftsman Photographer.  He demonstrated knowledge in photography by teaching other photographers and giving back to the photography industry.  

Photographing Your Dallas B’nei Mitzvah

As professional photographers with experience photographing mitzvah celebrations and services, we work closely with each of our clients from the pre-event portrait session to the final photo of your celebration. We specialize in custom created heirloom photo albums. Each is designed to showcase the best images from your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. 

Pre-Event Casual Portraits

B’nei Mitzvah coverage with Ivey Photography usually begins about a month from your Mitzvah date. We start with a portrait session for your Mitzvah boy or girl. The idea is to spend time getting to know your family.  Let us create a special set of images that will mark this important time in your life.  The session is meant to be casual.  You may need an image for your synagogues monthly newsletter.  You can share the photos with them to announce your Mitzvah.  We often create our sports composite images and other styled images to show off at your party.

Formal Mitzvah Portraits

From there, we generally meet with your family shortly before or on your Mitzvah date to photograph a more formal set of images. These are generally portraits made at your Synagogue. More often than not your rabbi or cantor will be on hand to assist with portraits.  We will ask for photos with the Torah and help create any ‘mock service’ images. So often, we are not allowed to photograph your service and the images will serve as storytellers in your album.

When your service is at a reform synagogue that allows photography during your service, we will customize a photography timeline to your needs.  If you are having your service at Temple Shalom in Dallas, we are often able to photograph or video services in the smaller of the two sanctuaries, with your rabbi’s permission.  At Congregation Shearith Israel, we often meet families there on the Thursday afternoon before your Mitzvah date for the portraits.  Temple Emanu-El in Dallas usually asks that we create the portraits about an hour before the service begins.

Dallas Mar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Photographer Ivey Photography

Mitzvah Party Pictures! 

Since your son or daughter has been studying so long and hard, it is time to celebrate.  As you know, months and months of planning and decision making are going into your event.  You’ve hired a planner, chosen a venue, selected the best caterer in town and the DJ is the best there is.  When it all comes together, you need lots and lots of photos of the details!  The napkins, the napkin holders, the table settings, the centerpieces, the floral, the balloons, the decorations, and the THEME.  What will be the theme to tie it all together?  All of your decisions and dollars are important. 

The Details

We take great care in noticing all of the details of your Mitzvah celebration.  Whether you host a simple luncheon or an extravagant party, we photograph from big to small.  We love all of the thought that goes into planning such an important party.  No matter the size, it is most important that we capture friends and family celebrating your Mitzvah.  This event is about accomplishment and growth and the photographs we make are a reflection of that celebration.  We will capture the joy of the night and make it look better than you expect or remember.  One thing we hear from Mitzvah planning moms is how everything was a blur.  The most common quote is, “I didn’t even remember seeing that”.  

The Action

We are “action photographers”.  If it is moving at your party, we photograph it.  For guests who aren’t as active, we’ll capture them sitting and visiting at their table, enjoying the company of family and friends.  Our two photographer system always has an angle on the action.  When the adults are having cocktail hour, we’ll make it around and grab photos of you and your friends.  When the party cranks up, we’ll be on the dance floor capturing all of the antics.  You’ll love the gallery of our favorite party photos.

The Horah

Of course, the highlight of the night is the Horah.  Your son/daughter will be lifted high into the air on a chair.  Your entire family will dance around them.  Everyone is involved from brother to sister, aunts, and uncles, and especially mom and dad.  We’ll work with the DJ to have the chairs turn toward one of our cameras for the best photos.  When it gets too wild, we’ll have two photographers at different angles ready to capture the best moments.  

Dallas Mar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Photographer Ivey Photography

How Much Should I Spend on Mitzvah Pictures?

Your photography budget should be in line with the type of event you are planning.  Obviously we wouldn’t tell you what to spend, but we can give you a range of prices for our services and how that compares to other photographers. 


In the Dallas area, event photography can be inexpensive.  For a beginning photographer, who has maybe photographed a wedding or a party, the price will range from $300-800.  You’re hiring someone who likely doesn’t depend on photography for an income.   They have a small array of equipment that will most likely do the job. 

Part-time Pros

The next class of photographer includes those that are serious weekend businesses or home-based studio photographers.  They depend on photography for some of their income and take it very seriously.  They may or may not have liability insurance.  Most likely they are shooting alone or bringing a newer, less experienced helper with them.  You’ll find a price range of $500-1500 depending on their experience.

Full-Time Pros

We make our sole income with photography.  We’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, mitzvahs, and events.  Like our colleagues, we practice our craft daily.  Myself and my staff are constantly looking for the newest and latest gear and techniques.  In Dallas, professional Mitzvah photographers charge $1500-5500.  The difference in price depends mostly on the products you select.  Since a Mitzvah has a fairly definable timeline, most studios charge for 5-6 hours of actual photography time.  They build packages in a range of prices to suit your budget.

You’ll find more details about our pricing through a quick email or phone consultation.  Our Mitzvah Collections start at $1600.   

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