Superhero Bar Mitzvah Westin Stonebriar

Superhero Bar Mitzvah

Joey’s Superhero Bar Mitzvah was just that, super!  Amazing Events Dallas created a superhero world unlike any we have ever seen at a Mitzvah party.  The ballroom at The Westin Stonebriar Hotel in Frisco was fully transformed into a comic book.  Jordan Kahn’s Orchestra was rockin’ all night and even got in the act with costumes of their own.

Super Details

The superhero design was carried throughout Joey’s Bar Mitzvah party.  From the moment guests entered the space, they were greeted by several superhero characters including Spiderman, The Joker, Iron Man, and Cat Woman.  The superheroes interacted with guests, took selfies and even served drinks.  Once inside the main ballroom, guests were treated to Amazing Event’s spectacular design.  Joey’s cake was right out of the Batman series.  It was complete with the comic style art and all of the “Kapow!” and “Boom!” effect symbols that you’ve seen in the comics and TV series.  Each table featured a different centerpiece to showcase a different character.  The lighting and color scheme were rich and saturated.  The combination of the band, the characters, and the decorations made this theme one of the best we have seen in our photo career.

Mitzvah Party

Joey’s Mitzvah party was non-stop action.  Over 200 guests were dancing the entire night.  The Jordan Kahn Orchestra was so energetic.  Throughout each set, they sent musicians and singers into the crowd to keep the energy going.  They played Hava Nagila during The Horah and that really got the party going.  Joey and the superheroes even acted out a playlet.  The Joker tied Joey up and held him captive.  Batman came to the rescue and Joey defeated all of the bad guys!  The party ended with a flutter fetti canon shot and Joey was lifted up onto the stage for a final send-off.

If you would like us to photograph your Bar Mitzvah, please reach out to us.  We’d love to be a part of a very successful event.

Entry table for guests to pick up party favors

Detail of the entry table

Captain America Mitzvah Centerpiece

Batman Mitzvah Centerpiece

Flash Mitzvah Centerpiece

Dallas Superhero DC Marvel Bar Mitzvah

Superman Table setting with custom menus and chargers

Detail of the superhero cake

Superhero Gotham Batman style cake

Iron Man Mitzvah Centerpiece

Shazam Mitzvah Centerpiece

The Joker Mitzvah Centerpiece

Lex Luthor Mitzvah Centerpiece

Batman Mitzvah Centerpiece

The Riddler Mitzvah Centerpiece

The Penguin Mitzvah Centerpiece

Doomsday Mitzvah Centerpiece

Catwoman Mitzvah Centerpiece

Green Lantern Mitzvah Centerpiece

The Thing Mitzvah Centerpiece

Wonder Woman Mitzvah Centerpiece

AquaMan Mitzvah Centerpiece

Spider-Man Mitzvah Centerpiece

Nightwing Mitzvah Centerpiece

Captain America Mitzvah Centerpiece

Wolverine Mitzvah Centerpiece

Silver Surfer Mitzvah Centerpiece

Thor Mitzvah Centerpiece

The Flash Mitzvah Centerpiece

Dallas Superhero DC Marvel Bar Mitzvah

The Jordan Kahn Orchestra in Costume!

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